Teforia Leaf
Teforia Leaf
Teforia Leaf
Teforia Leaf
Teforia Leaf


Teforia Leaf

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Discover tea like you've never tasted with the Teforia Leaf.

This intelligent infuser controls all aspects of tea making, from water temperature and quality to steep time and agitation. It works exclusively with Teforia teas by reading each tea package and using the optimal infusion recipe.

The easy-to-clean and stain-resistant borosilicate glass carafe and infusion globe make incredible tea and stand up to everyday use.

Perfect Tea Guarantee

Try a Teforia infuser for 30 days and rest easy. Enjoy the best tea you've ever tasted or your money back.


  • Teforia infuser
  • Infusion Globe and Carafe
  • Keepsake Box with 15 Sips teas showcasing different varietals
  • Water filter
  • Cleaning brush and microfiber cleaning cloth

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