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Teforia Leaf

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The Teforia Leaf combines the expertise of a tea master with stunning industrial design and an accessible price. Through advanced algorithms and encyclopedic knowledge of tea, Teforia Leaf crafts the richest and most flavorful cups of tea possible.
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Teforia Leaf also comes with our 30-Day Happiness Guarantee.

Teforia Leaf is designed to infuse teas sold by Teforia in our proprietary Sips containers. We at Teforia offer a collection of distinctive and rare teas from artisan farms and renowned estates across the world. Tea lovers will be delighted by the variety of teas the Leaf can infuse.

Note: The Leaf will not infuse teas outside of Teforia's portfolio. If you are interested in an infuser that will make any tea, consider our Teforia Classic infuser.

What's included:
• The Teforia Leaf
• An Infusion Globe and Carafe
• Keepsake Box with 15 Sips teas showcasing different varietals
• A water filter
• A cleaning brush and microfiber cleaning cloth

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