Jade Dragon Tea (2016)
Jade Dragon Tea (2016)
Jade Dragon Tea (2016)
Jade Dragon Tea (2016)
Jade Dragon Tea (2016)


Jade Dragon Tea (2016)

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Tea Information:

  • Serving size (2 servings per Carafe): 6oz.
  • High caffeine

Jade Dragon

Tasting Notes:

As sweet as honeysuckle, with notes of graham cracker, cinnamon, and orchids åÊåÊåÊ åÊåÊåÊ

Tea Story:

The Artisans who create our Jade Dragon Oolong tea command skills to factor a wide range of variables during its processing: inherent leaf qualities, hidden flavor potentials, wok firing temperatures, even weather conditions. "Watch the leaves, watch the day." is one of the lessons passed from Master to Apprentice.

During their work, they engage in a silent dialog with the leaf, constantly watching for perfection. Our Jade Oolong tea freezes that moment in time, when the Artist captures the array of aromatic notes that the leaves naturally posses.

Ingredients: oolong tea

You are welcome to use the Sips for as many carafes as you find enjoyment, but please note that taste will differ in each carafe.