Hojicha Tea (2016)
Hojicha Tea (2016)
Hojicha Tea (2016)
Hojicha Tea (2016)
Hojicha Tea (2016)


Hojicha Tea (2016)

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Tea Information:

  • Serving size (2 servings per Carafe): 5oz.
  • Low caffeine

Tasting Notes:

Roasted nuts, hints of cocoa, coffee.

Tea Story:

This tea is a blend designed by generations of Japanese tea master. Hojicha (‰ÛÏroasted tea‰۝) was first developed in Kyoto in the 1920s. Beginning as bancha tea (a later harvest and larger leaf pluck), it then receives additional roasting, which tempers the flavor to create a light, sweet, earthy cup, reminiscent of coffee, cocoa, and roasted nuts. Our hojicha is a blend of Japanese and Brazilian tea and undergoes a heavier roast to deliver a rich flavor.

Ingredients: green tea

You are welcome to use the Sips for as many carafes as you find enjoyment, but please note that taste will differ in each carafe.åÊ


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