Golden Nectar Tea (2016)
Golden Nectar Tea (2016)
Golden Nectar Tea (2016)
Golden Nectar Tea (2016)
Golden Nectar Tea (2016)


Golden Nectar Tea (2016)

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åÊTea Information:

  • Serving size (2 servings per Carafe): 6oz.
  • Low caffeine

Golden Nectar

Tasting Notes:

An alluring and complex tea with notes of yellow peach, red grapes, and warm toast.

Tea Story:

In the 1980s, the lands on which Golden Nectar is grown were a cultivated tea garden. But during a period of financial hardship, the garden was abandoned, and soon was overgrown and became wild. Allowed to grow freely for thirty years, this tea developed its own distinct flavor, untouched by human hands. In 2010, our tea master rediscovered this wonderful land and found a delicately flavored tea that tastes of stone fruit and toast.

Ingredients: yellow tea

You are welcome to use the Sips for as many carafes as you find enjoyment, but please note that taste will differ in each carafe.åÊ


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