Praise for Teforia


Video and Audio

Teforia Video by TechnoBuffalo.

Teforia Review by Bradley Hasemeyer.

Interview with Allen Han on Cheddar TV.

Interview with Allen Han on World Tea Podcast.


Teforia infusers are winner of the Best Tea Brewing Device at the 2017 World Tea Awards.

Customer Testimonials

"Teforia: best thing to happen to tea since Emperor Shen Nung...I am an avid, daily, tea drinker and the Teforia infuser has transformed the quality of my tea.""
-Jamison S., Maryland

"I love using my Teforia to make tea, I think it is probably the one item in the kitchen that I use every day several times."
-Peter P., California

"We really enjoy the Teforia and could not be happier as it is. Our tea consumption has gone through the roof and it has effectively replaced coffee as our main daytime beverage."
-Chris H., Texas

“This is the best tea I have ever had bar none”
-Chelsea G., New York