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The Future of Tea Time

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When Allen Han visited a hot third wave coffee shop in 2012, he was amazed at the care and craft applied to the preparation of coffee. But when Han placed his tea order, all he got was a cup of hot water and a bag. The discrepancy wasn't just upsetting, it was an opportunity.

Shortly thereafter, he set out to make the perfect cup of tea a reality. An accomplished designer and inventor, Han began by learning as much as he could about tea, its many cultivars, and the cultures that revere it. Soon he had the idea for what would become the Teforia infuser.

It took two years of constant labor. But by 2014, Han developed an incredible prototype of his new infusion method. Here's a video of him testing the original apparatus.

Teforia's infusers have evolved a bit since then. Now they're ready to revolutionize the way tea is infused and enjoyed. Nothing could be simpler or taste better than a tea infused to perfection in a Teforia infuser.

All thanks to Allen's innovative spirit and passion for making the craft of tea accessible.