Teforia Leaf+ Upgrade

Enjoy a Full Catalog of Tea Recipes with Leaf+

Leaf+ gives users the ability to make any tea--not just Teforia teas--in their Leaf infusers. No lid scanning necessary. Infusions can be started right from the app for upgraded infusers.

No matter what kinds of tea you have at home, Leaf+ can make them all.

How Does It Work?

Subscribe to Teforia teas

1) Have an active Teforia Sips tea subscription worth $25 per month.

Submit Infuser ID for the upgrade

After submission, your machine will be updated some time in the next 24-48 hours. Please leave your infuser turned on and connected to WiFi so that it can be updated. Once upgraded, your infuser will retain its Leaf+ features as long as your subscription remains active and worth $25+ per month.

How Do I Get Started?

First you'll need to set up a Perfect Cup tea subscription. Once your subscription is active, submit your infuser ID clicking the button below to activate your Leaf+ upgrade.