Customized Tea Strength

Teforia Infusers with Customized Tea Strength

With the press of a button, tea lovers can select between regular, light and bold versions of each of our teas. Making the perfect tea to fit your taste has never been easier.

Early morning and looking for a jolt? Make an extra potent cup of Daybreak. Late afternoon tea time but don't want to stay up all night? Try a light infusion of Jade Dragon.

Select Your Tea Strength

How It Works

Infuser Buttons

Scanning Sips

Each time you scan a Sips tea container, two buttons will light up on the base of the Teforia infuser. The back button functions as a selector for the infusion strength. The front button starts the infusion.

Holding the back button for 2 seconds causes the front button to change color (you'll also hear a chime). The color of the front button lets you know what infusion strength is selected: white for regular; orange for bold; and blue for light. (That's also the order they appear.) Here's a handy chart.

Tea Strength Lights

Using the App
(Teforia Classic Only)

When selecting a tea from the app, you'll see a slider where the strength can be adjusted before starting the infusion.

Tea Strength Slider in the App
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Current Users: Update Your Infuser

Please check your infuser software version. You should be on version 1.1.49 (Settings > Infuser > Advanced > System Update). If your infuser hasn't updated, press the "System Update" link to manually check for the update. (Your infuser must be connected to wifi to update.)